Sixth Form Introduction

Welcome to COLAI-6. We are a small and dynamic sixth form. Our aim is to provide our sixth form students with an outstanding academic experience that will prepare them exceptionally well for higher education and the career path of their choosing. We welcome applications from our current Year 11 students and from external candidates.

We offer a friendly and supportive learning environment, with a strong focus on academic rigour, self discipline and the highest educational aspirations. We support our students to achieve their very best and to equip themselves with the individualised support and smaller class sizes enabling our students to make outstanding progress.

Our primary focus is on providing a highly academic curriculum, with the majority of courses of offer being A Levels. We also have a vocational pathway for students who would benefit from this style of learning and assessment.

Thank you for your interest and we welcome your application.

Ms Jacob

The entrant’s home address will be taken into consideration and priority for places will be given to those students who have the shortest walking route from the main entrance of the Academy to the main entrance of the child’s home. The entrant must reach the age of 16 during the year 1st September to 31st August inclusive, immediately prior to entry to COLAI Sixth Form. The entrant must meet the entry requirements for their chosen course(s) of study.

All students who apply before the published deadline will be contacted by the Academy to attend an interview and to be provided with advice and guidance on options and entry requirements for particular courses. Applications are made directly to the Academy. The Admissions Policy will be reviewed annually. To make your application to study at COLAI-6, please complete the application form below. Please drop off your completed application form to our reception or alternatively email an electronic version to

The City of London Academy – Islington is open to students of all abilities.

Oversubscription Criteria:

In the event that there are more applications than places available, the following criteria will apply:

  1. Children who are Looked After i.e. in Local Authority care.
  2. Students in Year 11 who attend the City of London Academy – Islington who meet the entry requirements for their chosen course of study.
  3. External students who meet the entry requirements for their chosen course of study.

In the event of more applications made than places available within any given criteria, preference will be given to students who are nearest to the Academy. This will be determined by a computerised mapping system using a straight line distance measurement. Routes will be calculated from the child’s home address (as defined by the Land and Property Gazetteer) to the main entrance of the Academy.

Offers of a place on a specific course will be conditional on attendance at enrolment in August, or prior notification of justifiable absence and confirmation of GCSE results.

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