Performing Arts


We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Are excited and passionate about drama
  • Are competent directors and composers and are able to realise a creative vision
  • Are able to perform in a variety of ways, contexts and surroundings
  • Can research a project and develop creative ideas
  • Have an understanding of dramatic and musical theory, and can analyse drama texts and scores in light of theoretical paradigms
  • Have an understanding of different historical contexts for dramatic and musical works
  • Can understand how meaning is conveyed in performance
  • Have access to a range of opportunities to perform creatively

We seek to build conceptual understanding of:

  • Dramatic and musical structures
  • Genre and dramatic conventions
  • Site-specific performance
  • Analysis of dramatic and musical ideas
  • Researching and evaluating
  • Direction, composition and performance 


Students will explore a wide range of play texts, themes and styles of theatre and performance to develop skills, such as empathy, resilience and determination, not easily achieved in other lessons.

Throughout the year, groups go on many trips to experience live theatre as it should be seen. We have excellent relationships with the Old Vic and Donmar Theatres and regularly take part in workshops and performances with them.


The Music provision at the Academy is extensive, offering all students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument starting in Year 7 and being part of the orchestra, which can then lead on to acceptance into the Academy Orchestra. Students receive one-to-one lessons with a specialist teacher to develop their skills and a love for the subject.

Extra Curricular

Both departments come together regularly to put on events throughout the year to give the students performance opportunities and to demonstrate the skills they develop in the curriculum.

These include:

  • Whole school productions
  • The winter concert
  • The summer concert
  • Regular Drama showcases
  • Choir performances

Performing Arts Curriculum Maps 2023-24



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