Curriculum Overview

At COLAI we are ambitious for every child, we believe that no matter what their starting point, all students can achieve. We view the curriculum as a seven-year programme including the completion of GCSE and Level 2 BTEC qualifications in year 11 and A Level and Level 3 BTEC qualifications in the sixth form.

We firmly believe that every student is entitled to a broad, balanced and creative curriculum and our students will study a broad range of subjects for as long as possible. We seek to nurture intellectually curious students with high aspirations and a love of learning. As such, we provide a programme of study which is both challenging and inspiring and seek to develop powerful knowledge and skills. Our curriculum across all key stages is sequenced so that students develop detailed knowledge and skills over time and these are revisited to support students to develop a robust conceptual understanding essential for the next phase of their educational study and the world of work. Our curriculum is underpinned by high expectations of literacy and numeracy and we maximise opportunities across all subjects for students to develop these key skills.

We believe everything that happens at the City of London Academy Islington contributes to a young person’s education and their capacity to learn. As such we have the highest standards for learning both in the classroom and outside of it and do everything we can to ensure excellent academic attainment of all students. We work to ensure that students have high aspirations and pride in their work, and that they take responsibility for their learning and personal development. Through the varied curriculum we also ensure that students have access to high quality careers education and PSHCE provision so they are all effectively prepared to make informed choices about their future.

If you would like to find out more about COLAI curriculum or have any particular questions please don’t hesitate to contact us our Vice Principal Ms King at

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