We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Can think like scientists – modelling ideas and collecting experimental data to test theories
  • Are systematic in the way they test ideas through experiments
  • Are critically curious in acquiring understanding about the world around them
  • Understand how science affects all aspects of life

Years 7-11

Term Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7

B1.1 Lab safety, Cells and organisation
B1.2 Structure & function of body systems
C1.1 Particles & their behaviour
C1.2 Atoms, elements, compounds

P1.1 Forces
P1.2 Sound
B1.3 Reproduction
C1.3 Chemical reactions

C1.4 Acids and alkalis
P1.3 Light
P1.4 Space

Year 8

B2.1 - Health and Lifestyle
C2.1 - The Periodic Table
C2.2 - Seperation Techniques
P2.1 Electricity and Magnetism

B2.2 Ecosystem Processes
C2.3 Metals and Acids
P2.2 Energy

B2.3 Adaptation and Inheritance
C2.4 The Earth
P2.3 Motion and Pressure

Year 9-11 Combined Science GCSE- Edexcel - Combined or Triple Science
Biology Chemistry Physics

6 core practicals
Key Concepts in Biology
Cells and control
Natural Selection and Genetic Modification
Health Disease and Development of Medicine
Plant Structure and Function
Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis
Exchange and Transport in Animals
Ecosystems and Material Cycles

5 core practicals
States of Matter
Methods of Separating and Purifying Substances
Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table
Ionic Bonding, Covalent Bonding and Types of Substance
Acids and Alkalis
Calculation involving masses
Electrolytic processes, obtaining and using metals
Reversible Reactions and Equilibria
Groups in the Periodic Table
Rates of Reaction
Heat Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions and Fuels
Earth and Atmospheric Science

7 core practicals
Forces and motion
Conservation of Energy
Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Energy - Forces doing Work
Forces and their effects
Electricity and Circuits
Magnetism and the Motor Effect
Electromagnetic induction
Particle model
Forces and Matter

Year 9-11 Triple Science As for combined science with 6 additional core practicals plus:

Testing foods
The brain, spinal cord and the eye
Sexual and asexual reproduction
Multiple and missing alleles
Tissue culture, GM and agriculture
Virus life cycles, plant defences and diseases
Plant adaptations and hormones
The kidneys
Assessing pollution, and food security

Transition Metals, Alloys and corrosion
Quantitative Analysis
Dynamic Equilibria
Chemical Cells and Fuel Cells
Hydrocarbons, Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids
Qualitative Analysi: Tests for Ions
Bulk and Surface Properties of Matter including nano particles

Static Electricity

Sixth Form


Term Autumn Spring Summer
Year 12

Voice of the Genome

Lifestyle, Health and Risk

Core Practicals: Root Tip Squash, Daphnia & Vitamin C

17/10/16 Assessment 1

12/12/16 Assessment 2: Mock Exam

Biodiversity and the Natural Resources

Genes and Health

Core Practicals: Phloem and Xylem, Mineral Deficiency, Membrane, Strength Plant, Antimicrobile & Enzyme

06/02/17 Assessment 3

27/03/17 Assessment 4


AS Mock Exams

AS Exams


Year 13

On the Wild Side

Infection, Immunity and Forensics

Core Practicals: Habitat, Photosynthesis, DNA, Temperature + Enzyme, Temperature + Seed & Antibiotics

12/12/16 Mock Exam

Run-through of Mock Exam

Grey Matter

Running for Your Life

Core Practicals: Habituation Stim & Respiration


A2 Mock Exams

A2 Exams



Term Autumn Spring Summer
Year 12

Atomic Structure

Amount of Substance



Equilibria and Redox Reactions


Revision for Mock Exam

12/12/16 Mock Exam

Introduction to Organic Chemistry


Alkanes and Haloalkanes

Alkenes and Alcohols

Group 2 & Group 7 Elements

Organic Analysis Parts 1-3


AS Mock Exams

AS Exams


Year 13

Rate Equations and Kp

Period 3

Transition Metals

Rate Equations


Electrode Potentials and Cells


Core Practicals: 7, 11, 8, 10

12/12/16 Mock Exam

Run-through of Mock Exam

Acids and Bases


Amino Acids and Proteins

Synthesis and Analysis Parts 1-6


A2 Mock Exams

A2 Exams



Term Autumn Spring Summer
Year 12

Mechanics and Materials
Newton’s Laws
Momentum and Impacts
Work and Energy

Waves and Optics
Wave properties
Standing Waves
Refraction and Reflection

Core Practicals
Calculating g
Young’s Slit Interference
Speed of Sound using Stationary Waves
Calculation of the Young Modulus

Current, Charge and Voltage
Electrical Circuits
Resistance and Resistivity
Potential Dividers

Particles and Radiation
Inside the Atom
Particles and Antiparticles
Quarks and Leptons
Conservation laws
The Photoelectric Effect
Wave-Particle Duality

Core Practical
Resistivity of a Wire
Internal Resistance of Cells


Mock Exams

Core Practical catch ups

Year 13

Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics
Circular Motion
Simple Harmonic Motion
Thermal Physics
Gases and Gas Laws

Nuclear Physics
Radioactive Decay
Nuclear Energy

Core Practicals
Simple Harmonic Motion
Boyle’s and Charles’ laws
Inverse-square Law and Gamma Radiation

Gravitational Fields
Electric Fields
Magnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Induction

Option unit (one from list)
Medical Physics
Engineering Physics
Turning Points

Core Practicals
Charging and Discharging Capacitors
Variation in Force on a Wire
Search Coils and Oscilloscopes


A Level Mock Exams

Core Practical catch ups


A Level Exams