Curriculum Overview

We firmly believe that every student is entitled to a rich and varied curriculum. We seek to nurture critically curious students with high aspirations and a love of learning. As such, we provide a program of study which is both challenging and inspiring and seek to develop powerful knowledge and skills. This approach empowers students at COLAI to understand the key concepts, ideas and narratives that are central to building social capital: our curriculum serves as a clear pathway to higher education, the world of work and to civic participation.

Students at COLAI follow a traditional academic curriculum. We believe that no matter what their starting point, all students can achieve. We believe that ability – rather than being a fixed quantity - is something that can be grown and developed through excellent teaching, and that outstanding achievement is the product of hard work, coupled with a meaningful programme of study. Our meticulous tracking system enables us to intervene quickly to provide bespoke support for individual students.

We believe everything that happens at the City of London Academy Islington contributes to a young person’s education and their capacity to learn. As such we have the highest standards for learning both in the classroom and outside of it.

The curriculum at City of London Academy Islington aims to:

  • Develop a robust conceptual understanding of specific academic disciplines and build subject specific expertise, knowledge and skill
  • Meet the range of needs and interests of all learners so that no student is left behind
  • Maximise the academic attainment for all students
  • Ensure that students develop skills and mind-sets essential for ongoing learning, university success and the world of work
  • Ensure that students have high aspirations and self-esteem, and that they take responsibility for their learning and personal development
  • Ensure that students are prepared to make informed choices about their future
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