Art, Design & Technology

We aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Gain confidence, skill, knowledge and understanding in using a range of media for creative expression
  • Are encouraged to take risks, explore different ways to construct meaning, and try out new ways of working with a range of materials and media
  • Express critical views of their own work and the work of other artists / designers
  • Learn to think like artists, designers, and creative workers
  • Engage with a wide range of artists and designers work

We seek to build conceptual understanding of:

  • The ability to analyse artists and designers work
  • Using a range of techniques and viewpoints to record ideas
  • Exploring, developing and refining ideas in a variety of different forms and media
  • Responding personally to briefs and concepts from a global context
  • Resilience and the ability to build upon ideas and personal outcomes
  • Responding personally to briefs and ideas in the world around student
Art & Technology - Year 7 - Curriculum Map Art & Technology - Year 8 - Curriculum Map Art & Technology - Year 9 - Curriculum Map Design (Resistant Materials) - Year 10 - Curriculum Map Art & Design - Year 11 - Curriculum Map