Work for year 9 week commencing 19th October

Dear Year 9, 

We hope you are all well. 

· As you are self-isolating you will now receive remote learning, it is our priority to provide you with work that will enable you to access the curriculum including high quality online and offline resources 

· You will need to log on to Google Classroom each morning before 8:30am to check what work you have for that day, we will be checking that you are logging in and will contact home if you aren’t to check if you are having any issues with IT access 

· Your school day will be broken up into three double lessons as below: 

Lessons                    Times

      1.                       9:20am-11:00am

      2.                      11:50am-13:30pm

      3.                      14:20pm-4:00pm 


Each lesson will begin with some live input from a subject teacher to provide an explanation of the topic, they will set the work for the rest of the lesson, and homework, answering any questions and addressing any misconceptions 

The link for the live lessons will be on Google Classroom for you to access, you just need to copy and paste the link into the web browser (use Google Chrome for this) at the time the lesson starts 

If you cannot access the live lessons at that time, they will be recorded and placed on Google Classroom and can be watched at a later time 

Full instructions and any resources will be set on Google Classroom in your ‘Whole of year 9’ virtual classroom 

You can submit work to your normal year 9 teachers for that particular subject to receive feedback on your work, or you can bring it in with you when you return after half term to give to your teacher 

Student rewards will continue for excellent effort and outstanding work 

If you need any additional support to help you to complete the work, you can ask any questions on Google Classroom 

If you do not have IT or wifi access or you cannot log into Google Classroom please ring us or email us at for the attention of Ms King 

Please see our website under the Covid-19 tab / Work for year 9 tab for instructions and videos on how to access and submit work via Google Classroom and our Student Online Acceptable Use policy, which we expect you to follow 

If anyone doesn’t follow our Student Online Acceptable Use policy, their access to Google Classroom may be removed 

The week commencing Monday 26th October is half term and so no work will be set for you during this week (apart from any homework tasks to complete independently) 

Your period of self-isolation ends on Wednesday 28th October and so we will expect and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 2dn November, as long as you are well and have no symptoms of Covid-19


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