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Food Bank Provision




Highbury Roundhouse Youth and Community Centre

71 Ronalds Road


N5 1XB

Tel: 07753 222755


Kings Cross Foodbank

KX House

Pentonville Road


N1 9NG


The following areas are covered by King’s Cross Foodbank: N1 0, N1 1, N1 2, N1 9, EC1R, WC1H 9, WC1X, NW1 0, NW1 1, NW1 9, N7, N8, N9


St Luke’s Community Centre

Central Street



Tel: 0207 549 8181




The Trussell Trust in Hackney offer a range of Foodbanks in the area. You can find this at and these are all accessible via a food voucher scheme. Please contact the foodbank or Trussell Trust for clarification i


You can call them on 0207 254 2464 for advice.


Hoxton Foodbank Centre

St John Hoxton Cript

Pitfield Street


N1 6NP

Open Mondays from 11am – 1pm.


Upper Clapton Foodbank Centre

St Thomas Clapton Common

Oldhill Street and Clapton Terrace


E5 9BW

Open Wednesdays 5pm – 6.45pm.


Stoke Newington Foodbank

St Mary’s New Rooms

Accessed via the Quiet Garden

Stokoe Newington Church Street

N16 9ES

Open Thursdays 12pm – 2.30pm.


Florence Bennett Centre

Cherbury Street


N1 6TL

Open Saturdays 10.20am – 12.30pm.