House Structure

The House System at the Academy draws inspiration from our sponsors at the City of London; we have named our houses for four of the Worshipful Companies which have been guilds within the City for many years. Our links with the guilds are very important, and we take part in the famous Lord Mayor's Show each year.

Drapers, Fletchers, Glovers and Weavers.


Pull Together, Draped in Success

I am proud of the way that the students in Drapers are taking hold of our motto – Pull Together, Draped in Success. It has been great to see students working together in tutor time, as well as in lessons and at break and lunchtime. Older students have been supporting the new Year 7’s who have recently joined the Academy. Draper students certainly do echo the ethos of the Academy: Responsibility, Respect and Integrity.

Head of House:
Ms Dear

Pastoral Support Manager:
Mr Ayininuola

Who are the Company of Drapers?

Founded over 600 years ago, the Drapers’ Company is incorporated by Royal Charter and is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies in the City of London. It has moved with the times and evolved into an organisation that addresses contemporary issues, gaining a new relevance through its philanthropic role.


Stay Sharp – Hit the Mark

The Fletchers house epitomises the inspiring ethos of the Academy – Respect, Integrity and Responsibility. Although it would be easy to point to the clear success of the house as an indicator of this, I prefer to look at the day-to-day levels of commitment both pupils and staff show to uphold these key British values. To be a Fletcher means to have pride in the levels of care shown to one another and to celebrate the success and achievement of every day at the Academy. This is underpinned by hard work, and an enjoyment and willingness to stretch and challenge ourselves in lessons, tutor time and during extra-curricular activities.

Head of House:
Mr Durak

Pastoral Support Manager:
Ms Sharpe

Who are the Company of Fletchers?

The Worshipful Company of Fletchers is one of the oldest of the City of London's 109 Livery Companies. But today very few members are involved in arrow making and much of the work that the Fletchers do is in supporting Paralympic athletes.


Dream, believe, achieve

As a new Head of House at the Academy, it has been tremendously exciting for me to get to know the Glovers students. They have been a wonderful group of young people to work with so far. They are well-mannered, with a great attitude to learning and an ebullient desire to succeed.

Head of House:
Mr Noutch

Pastoral Lead:
Mr Yusuff

We are very proud to say that Glovers demonstrate a strong social conscience. This has been evident in their enthusiasm to help raise money during Charities Week and in the discussions they have with their tutors and peers during tutor time.

There is much evidence to suggest that these young people are thoughtful, friendly and kind. We are frequently impressed by the care that they show for each other. This is what we believe truly embodies being a Glover (and, ultimately, a member of the Academy): putting your hand out to help the person beside you to make your community, and thus the world, a better place.

Who are the Company of Glovers?

The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London was formed in 1349 by glove makers in London who wished to protect the high standard of their craft and was granted its Royal Charter by King Charles I in 1638. They help with the education and training of young people, providing bursaries for students at schools and sponsoring an annual student glove design competition.


Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.)

Our House prides itself on being a cohesive family that embodies good communication, support and trust, co-operation, building strong relations across all the year groups and staff, and seeking to individualise development for all. These values clearly permeate through each and every Weaver, through participation in extra-curricular sport, the cadets, assisting in House events and making excellent contributions in the classroom and around the Academy.

Head of House:
Mr Bentley

Pastoral Support Manager:
Mr Tesfaglorgis

Who are the Company of Weavers?

As a historic, textile-related, charitable and sociable organisation, the Company is well set to continue in fine style into the twenty first century and beyond. It is still a Guild steeped in tradition, but is fulfilling its role today in a thoroughly modern and practical way. Each year, the Company provides bursaries for students to study textiles and weaving disciplines at a number of universities around the UK.