Proposal to join the City of London Academies Trust

The City of London Academy Islington (COLAI) is currently a ‘stand-alone’ academy jointly sponsored by the City of London Corporation and City, University of London.

For some time, we have been considering whether we could strengthen the academy and take advantage of greater resources by becoming a member of a multi academy trust.

You may know that the City of London sponsors a number of other schools through the City of London Academies Trust (CoLAT) including schools in Islington and Hackney. The City of London Academy Islington has always had strong links with CoLAT. We believe that CoLAT is a well-organised and forward-thinking educational body, with good and outstanding schools under its umbrella and innovative ideas about how to help schools flourish.

Having explored all the advantages and disadvantages through a rigorous independent assessment process, the co-sponsors and the governing body have decided that there are clear educational, financial and organisational benefits of COLAI being a full member of the City of London Academies Trust. They have proposed we formally join CoLAT.

As the City of London Corporation is already a joint sponsor of COLAI and also that CoLAT was established along the same educational principles as our academy, there will be no immediate or significant differences to the running of the school as a result of this merger. City, University of London has committed to continuing the level of support it has provided when the academy becomes part of CoLAT for the foreseeable future.

There are a number of stages, including consultation, that are required before the governing body can make a final assessment and the school can legally operate as a CoLAT school.  We have already informed parents of the proposal and conducted a parental consultation, but if you have any queries about the proposal, please contact us at